Blockchain Development Service

Blockchain Application Development has become the trend that is out to change how the processes across a million industries function and operate. Blockchain is a trend that would not just decentralize every domain it touches but would also bring a million of immutable benefits to the business of all sizes – whether Startups or Enterprises.

The range of Blockchain development services that we offer are designed around your present and future needs of Decentralization. We are not one of those companies that would leave you in your journey to enter and then rule the disruptive world. We are the team of Blockchain developers who would stand by your side and support you as you become your industry’s leaders.

  • Getting a Proof of Concept in the traditional application is difficult and when we talk about Blockchain-powered applications, it becomes a lot more complex. But, we are here to guide you in the wise journey of first creating your application in a POC or MVP mode before the final launch.
  • Having developed over 20+ dProjects, our team of Blockchain developers and designers are now prepared to answer all your questions related to the Blockchain domain. And not just that. We are also here to guide you to transform your traditional application into a decentralized application.
  • We have worked with over 10 businesses coming from more than 5 different industries to switch their traditional contracts into ones that cannot be altered. Our team of smart contracts developers use the best of tools – Solidity and Ethereum – to base your contracts on. Making them highly secure and scalable on the way.
  • With more and more cryptocurrencies now entering the transaction space, it has become almost a mandate demand to have crypto wallets to support the storage and transactions. Our team of Blockchain app developers is skilled in the development of wallets that not just store your cryptocurrencies but also give you the ease to pass money from your account to another.

Our expertise in Web Application Development provides you with a Scalable and Secure Solution, helping your business to grow.

We strive to develop customized responsive Web Development solutions, providing the customer with a user-friendly, stable, and reliable website.

  • Developing Web Portal for every client, with an assurance of providing a better performing and cost-efficient Web Portal.
  • Voxwill helps companies from a range of different industries secure their web apps by penetration testing. Our team of security engineers is made of experts who specialize in conducting application-level and network-level assessments along with the development of countermeasures/solutions.
  • Allowing you to create and customize your Website with the same code.

Offering an end to end e-commerce solutions with payment gateway integration, maintenance, and engaging user experience.

Mobile App Development Service

Voxwill Technologies offers the Best Mobile App Development Service to its customers, according to their requirement. With our years of experience in Android, iOS and Hybrid App Development, and excellent Quality Assurance, we deliver a product that caters to the specific needs of our clients across various industries that we serve.

Android had been holding strong in the market with almost 80% of smart devices running. For this reason, the demand for Android App Development is at a rising pace. Whether it’s a start-up, small business, or a big enterprise, you would need a robust and high-performance Android App to take your organization on the growth route. Voxwill puts an end in finding an expert for Android App Developers who understand your needs and deliver relevant solutions.

Hybrid App Development

A very cost-effective customizable mobile app solution that saves time and resources while running seamlessly across different devices and platforms. Hybrid App Development can be a choice to deal with growing competition and changing business requirements.

  • We start by taking ideas from the client on their Mobile Application Development requirement. This stage is important to understand client’s expectations.
  • Once we have gathered the idea, we design a rough layout of the app, called Wireframe. Upon its acceptance, we go on with the actual UI/UX design process.
  • With the application idea and design now ready with us, our mobile application architects starts with enlisting the technicalities of the application.

Helping organizations realize business effectiveness through Artificial Intelligence Development Service

Voxwill Technologies implements business use cases that are built on top of self-developed solutions and Machine Learning based models that allow the businesses to achieve heights of operational efficiency, performance, effectiveness, productivity, and business growth.

We train your applications and provide multiple layers of implementation. This allows us to power up your applications with human intelligence at the processing speed of a computer.

  • Our team of analytics help develops algorithms predict a number of aspects about your customers and your business.
  • Our training techniques and models help you identify new trends and classification
  • We train your applications and provide multiple layers of implementation. This allows us to power up your applications with human intelligence at the processing speed of a computer.

We Don’t Just Connect Machines, We Connect Lives.

Voxwill Technologies is a leading IoT App Development Company in India, USA, Israel, and Dubai giving a variety of IoT app development services for various enterprises. As a leading IoT solutions and services provider, Voxwill Technologies offers high-end IoT Application Development and Testing services based on the requirements and demands of consumers from various industry verticals.

  • We offer guidance and support to companies and entrepreneurs who are just starting with the IoT development world. We help them tread the waters.
  • We offer IoT implementation support in companies who have already devised an IoT plan but are yet to structure and implement them in the business.
  • In addition to creating IoT applications that devices, we also hold expertise in creating applications for the individual IoT devices – no matter what the screen size and scalability requirement.